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Saint Joseph’s day

Celebrations for Saint Joseph, the Patron saint of Bagheria, are held twice a year but spectacular celebrations, “a festa ranni” as locals say, are held during Summer and involve the whole town.

First week of August – Bagheria (PA).

The Via Francigena: Sicilians Tours

A walk through the “trazzere”, old countryside roads, and the ancient Sicilian roads that were the old pilgrimage routes, discovering breathtaking views, small villages, and cultures.

From March to November.

Peach festival

Traditional event celebrating the peach orchards of the village. Peaches are one of the main products of the economic development of the village.
Second Sunday of August – Chiusa Sclafani (PA)

To the Campagna Amica’s Market

The right place for anyone who wants safe food from farm to fork.

Open all year round, Saturday from 9:00am to 2:00pm – Villa Sperlinga (PA)