privacy report

In this page it is described the management way of web site reffering to treatment of user's personal data who visit thjs site. It is a report expresses in accordance with the law art. 13 del d.lgs. n. 196/2003 - Code in protection topic of personal data about those who interact with services of this web site

The reportis expresses only for this web site and not also for other web site visited with link by user. The report it was inspired to reccomendation n. 2/2001 which european authorities for user's data protection, brought together in Group establised from art. 29 of directives n. 95/46/CE, that adopted May 17th 2001 to identify some minimum requisite for collection's online personal data, and, in particular, the way, the times and the nature of informations which the owner of treatment have to show to users when these are connect to a web page, indipendently from purpose of connection

treatment owner

Following the visit of this web site can active relatives data to people identify or identifiable. The “owner” of them treatments is PandiMele b&b, –

Source of personal data

The collection of own personal data is carry out by registration of data which is supplied form yourself, as affected, at the moment of registration to forum of discussion

Place of personal data

The treatments connected to this web site's services carry out near aforementioned officies and there are seen to only from technician of treatment, otherwise from appointed of casual operation of maintenance, who was formed to safeguard of secrecy.

Kinds of personal data

Navigation data, computer system and software process appointed to the operation of this web site acquire, during the normal execution, some personal data, which trasmission is implicit in the use of the communication register of Internet. It's of information which aren't collect to be associated to idendity affected, but for themself nature could, across elaborations and connections with owned data from third, allow to identify the users. In this category of data belong IP address or domain name of computer used from the users during the connection of the web site; the address in notation URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) of needed resources, the time of request, the method used to submit a question at the server, the size of file achieved as answer, the number code indicated point at the state of the answer given from the server (resolution, error, etc...) and other related parameter to operative system and to computer place of user. This data are used in order to obtain anonymous statistical informations on the use of web site and to supervise the correct operation and there will be deleted immediately after the elaboration. The data could be used to verify the responsability in case of hypothetical cybercrime against the web site: subject to that exception, the web contacts data will disappear within seven days and not more of necessary time to deal with the requests submitted.

User's Volontary data

The elective, explicit and volontary deliver of e-mail to address indicated on this web site involve the acquisition of the sender's address, needed to answer at the requests, and also the other personale data in the letter. Personal data that collect through this way will be used from Maria Luisa Longobardi only for elaborate the request of information.

Modalità del trattamento:

I dati personali sono trattati con strumenti automatizzati per il tempo strettamente necessario a conseguire gli scopi per cui sono stati raccolti. Specifiche misure di sicurezza sono osservate per prevenire la perdita dei dati, usi illeciti o non corretti ed accessi non autorizzati.

Nature of conferment of data

The user is free to give personal data indicated in contacts. The missed conferment of data signed for the symbol *, can involve the impossibility to obtain that is been request or enjoy of the owner's services's of treatment.

Right of access to personal data and other rights

The subjects which refer the personal data have the right, in any time, to obtain the confirmation of the existence of these data and to kwon the contained and origin, verify the precision or ask integration or upgrade, otherwise the rectification (art. 7 del d.lgs. n. 196/2003). In accordance with the same article you have the right to ask the cancellation, transformation in anonymous form or the arrest of the treated data in infringement of the law, and also to stand opposite in any case, for legitimate motive, to them treatment. The request have to submit without particular formality and without cost at PandiMele b&b–